Monday, November 12, 2007

One to One vs. High Tech Instructional Tools in K-4

1 to 1 appears to be the goal of most technology facilitators and educators. Putting a computer in the hands of every student is were we strive to be. I question the ROI of this in an elementary school setting. Is a laptop in the hands of a 2nd grade student as valuable a tool as an interactive whiteboard, wireless response system, and shared computer lab? A $4000- $5000 cost per room vs. a $20,000 equipment cost + mgt costs. Can we address the the multiple learning styles in our rooms, provide on-going formative assessments, as well as use computers as a tool in some parts of the instructional process? I believe this can be achieved with a higher ROI using interactive boards, wireless response systems and an available computer lab.

I invite your comments on this topic.