Friday, May 16, 2008

My Wireless Experiment

I mentioned in the past that we have been testing wireless N in one of my schools. Here is an update. I have a controller and 3 ABGN access points up in one of my schools. Using a laptop with an N capable card, i have gotten speeds as high as 270mbps. The average has been 130 mbps. I have also noticed a significantly larger range which should be expected with N since it is similar to A in this regard. I have also discovered that you need to use WPA2 to get above 54 mbps using N.  That means you need to download the newest drivers for any of your G laptops trying to connect in order to use WPA2 security.

I can get into the technical specifics regarding this technology and my experiences if anyone is interested. Just ask.

Although this test has been short lived, the educational implications of this have been running through my mind. We can now have a laptop in students hands that is connected at wired speeds.  I think that is all i need to say!

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