Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glogster - Create 21st Century Posters

Have you ever heard of a Glog? Would you like to learn how to take a traditional project like a poster and create a 21st century, online version of one? Do you think your students would be interested in learning how to create an online poster with text, images, video clips, sound, graphics and design features? Would this type of assessment foster creativity, engage students in the learning process, and develop technology literacy skills?

If this sounds interesting to you then you should take a look at Glogster Edu. A glog is a 21st century poster. A Glog is an online poster that can contain photographs, images, graphics, video files, sound files and text.  Glogs allow you to add hyperlinks to other websites.

Glogster EDU allows teachers to setup a virtual classroom for creating Glogs. A teacher can create and manage accounts for each of his or her students. Student Glogs are kept private and are viewable by the teacher. Other students in the class can leave comments about another students Glog and the teacher can exchange messages with his or students as well. Once a student has a managed account they can access Glogster and start making a Glog. The teacher can monitor and manage their progress.

The finished Glogs can be viewed online or embedded into a wiki, website or blog for review.


Glogster is an exciting and engaging tool for students. Glogster takes the traditional process of creating posters and makes it more interactive, dynamic, creative, and in tune with 21st century expectations.

I will be offering a workshop on a web 2.0 tool that provides the opportunities listed above. To learn more about it and to register please follow the link below.


If you want to jump right in and start exploring then please visit the Glogster EDU home page at http://edu.glogster.com.

IMPORTANT: Currently a teacher who registers with Glogster EDU can create up to 200 student accounts. This will be changing to 100 starting March 1. Register now to lock in 200 accounts before March 1.

Stay tuned for how to documents and instructional screencasts.


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