Monday, April 19, 2010

Glogster as a Teaching Tool?

I have written about the website It is a website that allows students to create digital posters. These posters may contain text, images, videos, and clip art. There are some really great examples available on my wiki page as well as on the Glogster site. You can read my previous post on Glogster here.

I  presented a lunch and learn workshop on Glogster at Briggs School a few weeks ago. Since then a couple of teachers in that school have really taken this new tool and ran with it. Jodie Sparling and Cecilia Hansen have started to use the Glogs they created as a teaching tool. They have done a great job at compiling instructional resources on each of the Glogs they have created. In the end, they are enjoying the process of putting these Glogs together. The level of engagement for the student's has increased and their is a positive impact regarding student learning in their classrooms.

I have listed a few links to the Glogs that they have created below.


  1. Grade 2 - Long Vowels - Jefferson Twp Teacher Ex:-

  2. Grade 2 - Jefferson Twp - Teacher Ex.

  3. Grade 2 - Teacher Samples

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