Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Student Blogging Grades 2-12

In my most recent newsletter I wrote an article about the benefits of students blogging. In that newsletter I mentioned a number of web-based tools that we have available in our district to support this initiative. One of the sites I discussed is Kid Blog.

I have found Kid Blog to be a very easy to use tool for creating blogs for your students. All of the student accounts and blogs are created by the teacher. A teacher can select different levels of moderation for the blog. Unlike other blogging platforms where a teacher would have to organize various website addresses to view student blogs, kid blog displays all of the student blogs on one screen. The features available with Kid Blog simplify the process of blogging with students.

When students publish blog postings it is up to the teacher to decide if the postings remain private between the teacher and student or can be viewed and commented on by the entire class. There is also options to make the blog postings public for the world to see.


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