Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Common Core Writing - The NY Times Can Help!

The NY Times blog Room For Debate is a great resource that can be used to instruct students in the process of writing logical arguments which is identified in the Common Core Standards.

Room for Debate is full of posts that take an issue or event in the news and curates opinions about it from four to six knowledgeable sources. The responses are limited to four or five paragraphs. This allows for the integration of this resources to fit within the constraints of standard class periods.

Here are some ideas offered by the NY Times to utilize this resource to support the common core standards.

  • Analyze one of the debates and judge how the authors compiled their arguments agains the CC writing standards for making logical arguments.

  • Start your own Room For Debate using Blogger or Google Docs. Post a link or details regarding and article and then invite 4 or 5 students to present logical arguments for or against the topic.

  • Create a fantasy version of room for debate

    • Have characters in a novel debate an important issue or topic in the work

    • What about scientists debating a belief or argument?

  • In the student opinion feature a question so posed for students to respond to. Students may publish their written arguments for a global audience of their peers.



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